Tain‘t No Class for That!


Jen and Kim talk about Kutcher’s stance on the whole ‘bathing debacle’. They discuss the basic anatomy of the nether regions.  Kim goes off on TikTok and Devious Licks.  They explore jumper issues and why the GPS voice lady is out to get us They delve into when teachers tattle and project-based learning gone wrong. Twisted Lit leaves us wondering why we can still purchase chastity belts on Amazon, and how the hell our parents let us read Flowers in the Attic?


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Are celebrities bathing their kids enough? Experts shower us with advice,
X-Rated Pumpkin Rhyme
Ben Affleck Has No Idea Why He Lied About His Massive Back Tattoo Either
Origin of Rub-A-Dub-Dub Nursery Rhyme
Flowers in the Attic Summary


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