Mommies who Stalk, Recess Hell, and Dismissal Don’ts

Jen and Kim discuss retirement options and how you shouldn’t joke with the retirement system employees. They decide to make a new class for education degrees: recess, dismissal, morning routines, and teacher duties. Kim delves into why a lottery isn’t always a good thing,  and Jen lets us know that she LOVES US FOREVER in Twisted Lit.

Teachers’ Mental Health Has Suffered During the Pandemic
Lottery Sparknotes
I Love You Forever

The Little F**ker and Pinocchio Moved Their Clips to Red.

Jen finds a little F**cker fishing in her backyard. They discuss the murderous tendencies of Mary Mary quite contrary and Pinocchio. They wonder…what would happen if teachers had a clip up/down system? Who would be on red first? Kim or Jen?,Mary%2C%20Mary%20quite%20contrary%E2%80%9D.&text=Mary%20was%20a%20devout%20Catholic,’Mary%20Mary%20quite%20contrary’.