Who you Should Never Piss off, and Why you Should Never Send a Sausage to do a Bird’s Work


Jen and Kim discuss FAFSA hell, and who you shouldn’t piss off at the school.  In TWISTED LIT, they take a deep dive into, The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage. They talk about why you shouldn’t name your dog SEAMAN and review some adorable picture books.


Snow White, Social Media, and Creepy Princes


Jen and Kim delve into teacher life on social media. They give good advice, such as turning your spirit wear inside out to get drinks after school. In Twisted Lit, they talk about the grimmer version of Snow White and ask the questions, “Why was Snow White so Stupid?” , “Would the Stepmother have been nicer with a little Botox?”, and “Why did the Prince like Dead Girls?”.

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PUSSY Cats, Pool Rules, and “Those Parents”


Kim and Jen talk about why you shouldn’t use the word pussy in class, no matter what the circumstances. They review their neighborhood pool rules, errant snake worms, and how “those parents” can make or break your day.

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