Twisted Teacher and Night Classy For their First Collab!

Kim, Jen, Kat, and Hayley talk about old people having babies, Viking overload, Devious Licks vs Angelic Yields, and what brought the Night Classy ladies into education. Twisted Lit delves into why Penta chopped off her hands, sentient sausages plotting to eat each other, and Amelia Bedelia shaming.
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Twisted Teacher and the Awful, Shi**y, No Good, Fu**ing, Ridiculous Day!

This one’s a doozy!! Jen gives her an incredibly, funny, very good,  twisted take on a famous children’s book. Kim drags us all through the circles of hell where she and Jen find some uncanny similarities to the levels of hell at work. They continue their tales of projects gone wrong with glue gun safety issues, Blooms Ball busts, smelly recyclables, and card box towns painted with eight gallons of tempura paint taking over their classrooms.
Also, Jen celebrated her *9th birthday and will soon be in the same age box as Kim.
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Tain‘t No Class for That!

Jen and Kim talk about Kutcher’s stance on the whole ‘bathing debacle’. They discuss the basic anatomy of the nether regions.  Kim goes off on TikTok and Devious Licks.  They explore jumper issues and why the GPS voice lady is out to get us They delve into when teachers tattle and project-based learning gone wrong. Twisted Lit leaves us wondering why we can still purchase chastity belts on Amazon, and how the hell our parents let us read Flowers in the Attic?


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If the Goblin Ice Babies Won‘t Sit Criss-Cross Applesause, One Must Grobbelsquirt Them.

What a week! Jen has a work dilemma, Kim talks about the laminating caper and a crazy Utah teacher.  Jen’s husband finds her hiding in her car, watching TIK TOK videos. Kim is moving and keeping the wine business afloat. Twisted Lit brings us goblin ice babies, a sweet wife bludgeoning her husband with a leg of lamb, and many coined words thanks to Roald Dahl. Go ahead and whiffswiddle your way to your favorite podcast app, and become beffsquiggled by our episode!


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