CharCOOTCHIE and Erect Snoods

Jen welcomes her dear teacher friend, Heather, who tells her charcootchie story where she was called Charcuterie Caren and shamed for being a joy stealer. They share little-known turkey facts including engorged flesh hanging from their beaks.

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Why is Charcuterie so Popular – Origin & History

11 Surprising Facts About Turkeys

Imposter Syndrome: Hurdles and Parasitic Tongue Snatchers

 Kim and Jen explore Imposter Syndrome and how it’s affecting teachers. They compare teaching to jumping over or crawling under hurdles. 
Kim tells another Grimm story about three dumb doctors, and Jen recounts a shitty day in the life of a teacher.
Things could be worse-you could have your tongue severed by a parasite. 
Tongue-Eating Parasite Detaches Fish’s Tongue And Eats Its Mucus
Three Army Surgeons
This Is the Least Desirable Zodiac Sign, Data Shows (

Georgia Judge Jokingly Bans Elf On The Shelf | HuffPost null

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome As A Teacher-WeAreTeachers

What is imposter syndrome — did the pandemic make it worse? (

20 Things You Should Never Say To Teachers | Sammiches & Psych Meds (

30 Worst Things Parents Can Say to Their Kids’ Teachers — Best Life (


Twisted Snippet Bonus-Hobbits, Wooden Spoons, and Car Sex

Jen and Kim take a break from the week to play movie line trivia, discuss the WTFs for the week, and talk about unpopular opinions. Take a break and have a laugh.

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Teacher Burnout

Our Twisted Teachers talk about their weekends. Kim got some tatts and Jen was able to go to Delaware to see her son play LAX. What is LAX? Where is Cupertino? Why is auto correct f**ked? We digress…
Jen and Kim talk about current issues-Brad Pitt and “his” champagne, fake promises to eliminate standardized testing, and the teacher burnout. WHAT NOT TO DO….
Bluebearding is a thing…and shouldn’t be.

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 Cult of Pedagogy-Teachers are Barely Hanging ON
Warning SIgns of Teacher Burnout
Brad Pitt’s Rosé Winery Releases Second Version of Its Champagne
Bluebeard Summary
Virginia Lets Teachers Leave Early to Combat Teacher Stress
Warning Signs of Teacher Burnout


Toxic Positivity

Jen updates us on how her mom is doing, and her very long days right now. They discuss how Hooters costumes and lap dances aren’t good themes for the homecoming pep rally. They talk about a topic sent in by a listener-Toxic Positivity. Then you will find out the real story of Hansel and Gretyl, and how one of the Grimm brothers had a penchant for hot caramel on his nipples.

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