Imposter Syndrome: Hurdles and Parasitic Tongue Snatchers

 Kim and Jen explore Imposter Syndrome and how it’s affecting teachers. They compare teaching to jumping over or crawling under hurdles. 
Kim tells another Grimm story about three dumb doctors, and Jen recounts a shitty day in the life of a teacher.
Things could be worse-you could have your tongue severed by a parasite. 
Tongue-Eating Parasite Detaches Fish’s Tongue And Eats Its Mucus
Three Army Surgeons
This Is the Least Desirable Zodiac Sign, Data Shows (

Georgia Judge Jokingly Bans Elf On The Shelf | HuffPost null

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome As A Teacher-WeAreTeachers

What is imposter syndrome — did the pandemic make it worse? (

20 Things You Should Never Say To Teachers | Sammiches & Psych Meds (

30 Worst Things Parents Can Say to Their Kids’ Teachers — Best Life (


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