If the Goblin Ice Babies Won‘t Sit Criss-Cross Applesause, One Must Grobbelsquirt Them.


What a week! Jen has a work dilemma, Kim talks about the laminating caper and a crazy Utah teacher.  Jen’s husband finds her hiding in her car, watching TIK TOK videos. Kim is moving and keeping the wine business afloat. Twisted Lit brings us goblin ice babies, a sweet wife bludgeoning her husband with a leg of lamb, and many coined words thanks to Roald Dahl. Go ahead and whiffswiddle your way to your favorite podcast app, and become beffsquiggled by our episode!


Lamb to The Slaughter Summary
Roald Dahl Fun Facts
Roald Dahl: The Best Gobblefunk Dictionary
Outside Over There Summary
Utah Teacher Gone Wild
8th Graders Lead Effort to Pardon Wrongly Convicted Witch
A sixth-grade history project exonerated the captain of the USS Indianapolis

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