Fire in the Arteries, Cannibalism, and Apple Peelers

Kim survives a harrowing experience of almost being run over by a parent. They discuss how some parents are upset with teachers for not passing out bday invites to a few kids instead of the entire class. One parent says, “This isn’t a soup kitchen.” WTF?
Then they delve into how shadow puppet artistry and knitting socks arent exactly indicators of giftedness. Jen takes us down the twisted rabbit hole of The Juniper Tree in Twisted Lit. We learn that hot flashes going uncared for could lead to some very bad choices, including but not limited to, decapitation, severing limbs, and cannibalism.

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A teacher’s Take: Is it Inappropriate to Hand out Bday Invitation in Class?
Mensa-Where Brilliance Belongs….
The Juniper Tree

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